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    • Canon 6D Mark II Unboxing/Video test 2019 (Is it worth it?)
    Canon EOS 6D Mark II Digital SLR Camera Body
    From: $1,468.10
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    The canon 6d mark ii is really a no brainer for ammateur filmmakers and photographers that want to enter the full frame capturing world. I recently upgraded from my apsc canon camera to a 6d mark ii and I am really satisfyed! The low light capabilities are really breathtaking and its built quolity is top! @Canon EOS 6D Mark II Digital SLR Camera Body

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    • DJI Mavic Air: A Cinematic Review
    DJI Mavic Air Arctic White
    From: $1,177.49
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    @DJI Mavic Air Arctic White This is the best drone that i have ever owned. the dji mavic air delivers top image and video quolity in the smallest package possible. its lightweight design and compact built make it the perfect drone for small expeditions as well as bigger productions. i am super happy from my mavic
    Below you can find a cenematic edit that was shot on the mavic air #Techies #camera

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  • Apple Watch Series 3
    From: $492.32
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    @Apple Watch Series 3 I am really satisfyed form the performace of the apple watch series 3. I genuently dont see a majour reason to upgrade to the series 4 or 5 and in addition to the price in 2019 I really think that its a killer of a deal. Down below you can see my review of the apple watch series 3 on youtube #Techies

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