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Unboxing & sound test: MH30 Foldable On-Ear Headphones

  • Lyanna E.
  • 2k points
2 May 2019
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Love it! The best headphones ever

Super helpful

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    Peddler is the first truly social marketplace that connects communities throughout the world with desired products and content. With genuine product content from you, this new platform helps customers gain insights into the products they want to buy. While this happens, you are building your reach and getting rewarded.We connect users and merchants and allow them to form one single unstoppable shopping community!

  • Do I need to be an influencer to share my content?

    Nope. You don’t need to be Gigi Hadid to share content.You can be a mom who enjoys reviewing her cooking pot set while wearing pajamas and feeding her baby.You can be a video gamer who loves talking about the latest games and systems.You can be a finance intern who does music system unboxings in his spare time.Basically, you can be anyone. We know the number of subscribers is not always a reflection of the quality of your content. You like making video reviews or creating product photoshoots? Do it! As long as you don’t harm fluffy animals while doing so.

  • What are the rewards?

    We have stellar products that are ready to be used by you! And we don’t mean some super boring company pencil — we’re talking super trendy items like Master & Dynamic Headphones, or a super sleek Swan microwave. The more you participate on Peddler, the greater your opportunity to get a free product from our monthly pool of coolness. Your content will be solely evaluated by its helpfulness. Eligibility is based on your Helpfulness score.

  • How often do I get rewards?

    The more helpful shoppers find your content, the more you can earn!

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes, selected helpful content creators are eligible to become a PeddlerFiliate. We like transparency as much as we like cake (a lot). That’s why we set a flat 50% cut in ad revenue for affiliated content creators. Your awesome content* can earn $$ based on the amount of engagement you have. The more engagement measured the more you can earn.* You can only be eligible for this if you upload your videos directly onto Peddler.

  • Can I refer my friends?

    YES. Please do, we love friends — the more, the merrier! If they join and post some content, that improves your score too.

  • Can I still share my content if I don’t live in the UK?

    You can be anywhere in the galaxy and share your favorite content.

  • How long will my content be live for?

    However long you would like. You can remove your content as you wish. Just remember: the longer it stays up, the more you can increase your helpfulness score...which means more rewards.

  • Are there any costs involved from my end?

    Nope, you can post your product content for free! Unless you want to make a donation to the Peddler fund (meaning chocolate for our office).

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