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What we do

What is Peddler? Peddler is a startup that is revolutionizing online shopping by combining authentic user-generated content, consumers, and brands in one marketplace.

At Peddler shoppers can search, review and crowd-buy any product they want as a community ultimately reducing the price for both consumer and retailer.

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What makes Peddler different from other online shopping platforms?

Peddler provides a powerful and new retail channel by linking social content consumers use in making their purchasing decisions directly with the supply chain.

Why are customers interested?

Because 93% of them scour the web for peer reviews before making their expensive layouts. Communities on Peddler can vote on the most helpful videos, images, polls, and product reviews and are rewarded but not endorsed by the brands. Giving rise to the most authentic content creators, which can be you, me or anyone.

Why are brands and retailers excited about Peddler?

Retailers are looking for new and more cost-effective ways to acquire customers. They are suffering due to the rise in advertising cost, and their competitive nature. Brands are seeking genuine brand ambassadors without direct endorsement, want to be part of the conversation with consumers and even offer lower pricing.

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